The Ultimate Guide - Best Swimwear for your Apple Body Type

The Ultimate Guide - Best Swimwear for your Apple Body Type

With summer here, swimwear is back in our shopping carts and it comes to the time we think of our new swimwear collection. The idea of looking for the perfect summer bikini can be daunting! Our dedicated team has curated a list of swimsuits that cater to every body type, ensuring you will find a flattering option that suits you. Remember, it's not just about the look, considering features and designs of a swimsuit is crucial too. But before you dive into dressing for your body type, 

What is your body type?

Not everyone fits into the standard generic model bodies we see on advertisements or runways. We understand every body is unique, and what may look stunning on someone else might not have the same effect on you. So to better understand your body type, Grab a whiteboard marker or any erasable marker and stand in front of a full body-length mirror, start marking where your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips end. Once you're done, connect the dots. From there it can help you determine the shape of your body.

Now that you have determined your body type, it is time to get working on your next summer wardrobe capsule!


Apple Shape. 

Apple Body Shape Example If you find yourself with a fuller midsection, larger bust, and narrower hips, you lean towards an apple shape, also known as the oval body. This body type often lacks well-defined waistlines and Weight tends to accumulate around the torso area. When choosing swimwear, it's important to focus on designs that balance your body proportions.
To provide support for your bust, opt for swimsuits with a high neckline and wider straps. Pair them with high to mid-waisted bikini bottoms that offer tummy control and create the illusion of a curvier shape.

Don't be afraid to go for a deep plunging neck one-piece suit. This style creates a vertical accent and draws attention to your bust while elongating your body. Look out for gathering or ruching on the sides or midsection of the swimsuit, as it helps create a more defined silhouette.
Feel free to experiment with various prints and colours - Consider choosing bright colours and eye-catching prints for the top section of your swimsuit. This draws the focus upwards and away from the waist area. Vertical stripes are particularly effective as they can elongate your torso and give the illusion of a taller appearance.
Shop our Naia Ruched Balconette top with thick straps and underwire support, It will give an illusion of a smaller shoulder and enhance your cleavage. To complete the look, we recommend pairing them with our favourite Isla high-cut bottoms to fully embrace your apple figure.