In 2022, Cashel Boh founded Barebone swim, drawing inspiration from her personal journey as a new mother and the transformative experience of post-pregnancy body changes. This pivotal moment ignited the creation of a swimwear brand dedicated to crafting pieces that empower women, fulfilling that innate need for connection and self-acceptance.

This journey toward purposeful living was a meticulous process, shaped over years of refining the brand's essence and values. By forging partnerships with manufacturing collaborators who share a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Cashel manifested her vision into reality. In 2023 united by a common purpose, Barebone Swim introduced its first collection to the world.


Our Mission

At Barebone Swim, our mission is rooted in empowering women by acknowledging the multifaceted nature of their lives. We believe that swimwear is more than just a garment; it's an expression of confidence, identity, and self-acceptance. Our mission is to create swimwear pieces that go beyond aesthetics, resonating with women at every stage of life, inspiring them to embrace their unique stories and celebrate their bodies. Through meticulously designed swimwear, we strive to fulfill the innate need for connection and self-assurance, fostering a community where women uplift and support one another.


Our Story, Our Promise

Barebone Swim's story is a testament to dedication, vision, and the pursuit of authenticity. Fuelled by her own experiences, Cashel envisioned a brand that would not only cater to stylish women but would also encapsulate the essence of personal growth and transformation. Barebone Swim emerges as a portrayal of the modern woman – dynamic, evolving, and unapologetically herself.